Caprese Salad Cravings

Sunset Magazine had a delicious sounding recipe this month for a Nectarine Caprese Salad I want to make.  Ever since having the Maple Brook Farms Burrata and heirloom tomatoes Saturday night at 
Oak Long Bar + Kitchen ,  I’ve been dreaming about burrata. It was creamy and fresh and the tomatoes tasted like summer! We mopped up the cabernet vinaigrette and the burrata with fresh crusty bread.  
It was food heaven. 
So until we can all make it to the Copley Plaza Hotel for their burrata, let’s try this one made with tomatoes and juicy summer nectarines. 

Oak Long Bar + Kitchen

Hope you are enjoying your summer!

pillows galore

I have a problem. I’m addicted to pillows.  All colors shapes and sizes. Wish I could change my pillows out regularly. Really nice ones are so expensive.  I’ve found some on Etsy that are beautiful, handmade and priced 
reasonably. Here are a couple of my favorite Etsy stores. 


Kilim lumbar pillow $16.95

Kilim pillow $15.95 
Large Turkish floor cushion $25.95
Bohemian lumbar pillow $16.95


Kelly Wearstler print pillow cover $60

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Schumacher pillow cover $55

Osborne & Little pillow cover $75

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Peter Dunham pillow cover $75


Pics from pinterest and Etsy shops.

beautiful bookshelves

There is nothing like a cozy corner to curl up and read a book.  These bookshelves are gorgeously curated with just the right amount of books, art and interesting objects.  I love all the natural light coming in from 
all the windows and the well worn leather chair in the corner.  
The large green glass lamp just finishes it off perfectly.  
It is California eclectic design perfection!

Do you have beautiful bookshelves and a cozy corner?

pics from


I must be in serious need of a vacation….
I’ve been fantasizing about living in a van like 
this and becoming a beach bum.  
I know, it’s crazy!
Working the night shift I start to feel like I live 
on re-run: work, sleep all day, repeat.  
The summer is slipping away and I haven’t done 
anything yet!  I know plenty of people working 
regular hours feel the same way. 
Let’s be beach bums for a few minutes….

Our hair will always look awesome from 
the salt water!

We can wear cool hats and bags. 

Drink fresh coconut water!

Surf all day!

Have a comfy beach chair.
Get a cool tattoo…just kidding. 

And wear chic cover-ups all day long. 

See beautiful sunsets every night!

Do you want a spot in my van?


pics from pinterest..

How much space do you need to live in?

Interior and textile designer Peter Dunham (one of my faves) recently sold his 3500 square foot house and moved into a mere 550 square feet after a rough personal time.  House Beautiful just did a a beautiful spread on his 1920’s Tudor style cottage. It got me thinking about the question; 
How much space do we really need to live in?

Dunham’s style is so laid back but chic. He uses his own textiles here and they really make the room so eclectic. There is a great mix of new and vintage furniture and the pink walls are unexpected. 

High up shelves are a great idea in a small space. 
The bedroom walls are covered in one of Dunham’s colorful textiles. The room appears larger because the canopy bed draws the eyes upward. 
No need to use smaller furniture. Just the right amount of 
regular sized furniture actually makes a small space feel larger.  
Small stylish, functional kitchen.  I love the open shelves and photographs above the counter space. 
An outdoor courtyard adds needed space to entertain.  

I could easily live in this small space. I find most “new” houses built today are too big and lack style and character.  Everyone with families seem to need their own space. I grew up with less space and survived.;) If a space is well styled and planned out most people could live smaller!
What do you think about this subject??


pics from House Beautiful