Modern, Vintage, Industrial Home

Recently I came across the home of Brian Faherty, owner of School House Electric, on Domain Home and the NYTs.

It is a beautiful mix of mid-century modern and industrial mixed with modern updates in an open concept.  The 1950’s style Ranch house has been updated to fit a modern family’s needs.  The Faherty family downsized from a traditional 4,700 square foot Colonial style home, where they lived in the 150 square foot family room. Now they live on one floor with a mix of vintage  and modern furnishing from their own brand and others, as well as reclaimed wood and industrial objects.

The School House Electric brand has a vintage and industrial vibe and the Faherty’s house is used for most catalog shoots and product development and testing.

The house is U-shaped so they have a built in outdoor room.

Modern kitchen with School House Electric lights and stools.

Dining area with School House Electric chandelier and Paul McCobb vintage chairs.

Knotty pine floors throughout and School House Electric clock.

Plycraft vintage lounger with School House Electric floor lamp and side table.

Family room with Ikea sectional conveniently next to the kitchen.

Master with reclaimed barn wood accent wall and vintage McCobb table and chairs overlook floor to ceiling windows.

Ikea cabinet updated with brass handles, School House Electric lights and Ann Sachs Pillow tiles.

Finally the entrance, reclaimed barn wood with School House Electric lights overhead.

Do You like the mix of vintage, modern and industrial in this open concept house?


all pics from Domaine Home and NYT.

Shibori, To Tie-Dye For

Tie Dye has been a summer fashion staple for a long time, but is now creeping into the home by way of Shibori.

Shibori is a Japanese word for the various ways the textile is shaped and secured before dyeing.

Generally it is dyed in an Indigo blue color but lately the technique has been used to create patterns using many different colors.  I’m a blue fan so I love the Indigo.

This trend has everyone talking, everyone meaning Elle Decor, Vogue, Domaine Home and all the bloggers!

It may be the next Ikat.  Yes, you heard it here first!

Shibori is being used on pillows, wallpaper, cloth napkins, bedding, you name it!

There is a plethora of DIY’s on the internet if you want to do it yourself,  so I won’t bore you with the details.  We all did it in summer camp at some point in our lives.

Shibori on the walls.

Shibori curtains.

Shibori Headboard, Urban Outfitters 

Etsy Riverside Tool and Dye Bedding 

Orishibori Cocktail Napkins

Anthropologie Hand Dyed Sofa

Scion Shibori wallpaper

Will you Shibori something?


New Spin on The Gallery Wall

Designer David Mishaan has taken the gallery wall and put a new spin on it!

Sure people have themes or color schemes but I haven’t seen anything like this.

Mishaan has taken eleven of virtually the same vintage paintings and created a gallery wall.

This is in one of the bedrooms in his family’s 16th century vacation home in Columbia that overlooks the Caribbean Sea.

What an homage to the great ships that sailed the seas near his home!

This is how the artist who collected the paintings had them hung with their horizons lined up.

I love this idea!

It would definitely take some time and work to find a painting and then look for others. But the hunt is half the fun.  Flea markets, yard sales and Etsy are great places to

find funky old paintings like this.

Do you like this New Take on The Gallery Wall?


pics from WSJ.


I’m really not ready for summer to end, it just flew by too fast!

But I am ready for cozy fall nights.

The Fall Fashion Trends are already starting to emerge and there is one I find very interesting.

The Slanket, it’s a blanket with sleeves, the designer’s version of the Snuggie.  Well at least that’s what NY Mag has dubbed it!

I’t a big comfy COAT and it’s suppose to be the hot item of the year!

What do you think? Will you stay warm wearing a Slanket or a Snuggie this fall?


Picture from NY Magazine.