fireplace style-east or west coast

The nights on the East Coast are getting cold now. I hate to turn on the heat when it’s

only mid October!

The fireplace is such a great option.

The warmth is just enough to take the chill out of the house and I love the cozy feeling.

Most fireplaces here on the East are pretty traditional, but Niche Style loves the more modern/rustic look of the ones on the West coast.

When it comes to fireplace style, are you east coast or west coast?


pics from pinterest

it’s a gourd thing

I just found this yummy recipe on The Kitchn for Vegetarian Pumpkin Chili.

There’s nothing like a big pot of healthy warm chili on a cold fall day!

It calls for 3 pounds of either pumpkin or butternut squash, I think I’ll use both.

I could possibly live on pumpkin and squash…

Invite some friends over midweek or on the weekend to watch your favorite football team or TV show and dish this up.

You could probably add some meat, turkey or beef, for the carnivores in your life.


Let me know how your’s come out!!


Pics from Pinterest and The Kitchn



Sweatpants everyday!

I love that the sweatpant trend is still “In” this year!

There’s nothing I want more in the fall than to be comfy and warm.

This trend was seen on the Fall/Winter runways of both Isabel Marant and Michael Kors.

And no, it’s not Lululemon yoga pants worn with everything and worn everywhere….isn’t everyone over this brand after their insults about who should be wearing “their brand”?

This trend is sweatpants elevated to a level chic enough to be shown on the runway.

And yes, you can wear it to Starbucks and lunch-with-the-ladies without looking ridiculous.

There are some rules though…..

1:  No Logos! You know what I mean. No Juicy or Pink on your assets!

2:  No baggy sweats! The sweatpants need to be slim cut and fit well.

3:  The sweats should be the only sporty item in the outfit. Don’t wear a hoodie or other sport item.

Other elements should be something you would wear with pants to a “smart-casual” event. Like a cute, casual blazer, sweater, short boots, flat shoes, leather moto jacket, scarf, button up blouse, jean jacket or wool jacket. If you’re under 30 you can get away with the stilettos shoe look but any older and you’ll look like a cougar on the hunt.

4. Stick to basic colors. Navy blue, gray, black. That’s it! You can add color above the waist if you want.

D O N’ T 



DON’T…for this look at least.


D O’ S



DO….if you if you can pull if off!



DO by J. Crew

Another DO BY Crew


I found J.Crew had many cute pairs to fit the bill including the cashmere pair above. American Eagle also has a selection of stylish sweats that are really inexpensive.

H&M has a cute pair that is the cheapest of all of them! Old Navy and Target are another source for inexpensive pairs also.

Will you embrace this trend?


Why is everyone always in the kitchen?

Sorry for the lack of posts…time has just slipped by.

The other night my sister-in-law threw a birthday party for my mother at her house.  We had such a great time!

She has a beautiful house! The layout is perfection for a party.  The original house was a small colonial, but previous owners added on to the back of the house.

Now there is a large kitchen with an eating and sitting area and huge family room off the kitchen.

The chef’s kitchen is long and narrow but not small by any means.

We ALL hung at the kitchen island, had drinks, appetizers (homemade guacamole by my 6 year old niece!) and

caught up with the cook without getting in the way.

The stools are on the opposite side from the action and the fridge is at our end so were able to help ourselves to beverages without being a burden.

This is important because we like our wine!

Is this why everyone is always in the kitchen?  To be near the food and booze…

It was so laid back that time passed and no one was nudge-y waiting in another room wondering when it would be time to eat.

I feel like this is how people socialize and eat now.

I think the best islands for entertaining need to have a place to sit and stand, need to be away from the chef’s area, have a fairly wide overhang to put your legs under when sitting,

have stools that tuck under when not in use and be made of a material that is not so precious as to cause anxiety.

Do you like to hang out in the kitchen during parties?