This Thanksgiving I want to be thankful for all of the good in my life! We all have, including myself, plenty to complain about. But I want to forget about those things and focus

on the good for at least one day!

So here are just a few of the things I am thankful for….

My family! We are close-knit and always there for each other. I’m so lucky and thankful for them. (Neither picture is them.)

Plenty of food. Yes, as Americans, most of us probably have too much food but I’m thankful most of us have food on the table.

Healthcare. I’m thankful I have access to some of the best care in the world.

Education. I’m thankful I had a great education and had access to some of the

best schools in the country.

So this Thanksgiving, what will you be thankful for??

Happy Thanksgiving!


all pics from Pinterest!

Thanksgiving, Keep It Simple

Every year on Thanksgiving night my mother states, “I’m not doing this next year! We’re going out to dinner.” I go along with her because I know she will do it again next year.

Weeks before Thanksgiving she starts to plan and announces, “We’re keeping it simple this year.” I try to hold her to that, but it never works.

As the day approaches the menu grows with more side dishes.  I try to remind her of her proclamations from previous years but, it falls on deaf ears.

I usually help her out the day before and get as much done as possible (if I’m not scheduled to work) because I love to cook and she does a heap of work .

I agree it is a tough meal to prepare and coordinate, but with help of our huge family

it always works out great!

Thanksgiving is my FAVORITE holiday! The food is scrumptious and there is no gift stress.

My Mom does not share in my passion for this holiday.

So since I write a blog, I read a jillion (not really but, it feels like it) of other blogs and I sometimes get caught up in the DIY/creative process.

Some of the table decor ideas for Thanksgiving are heavenly and have me thinking I can do it! Me, the women who doesn’t even own a glue gun!

Then I read this article on Domaine Home about how to set your table like the French.  I know, it’s not very American or Thanksgiving-y but stick with me.

It’s based on a chapter from the book Be Parisian Wherever You Are (I’m buying it).  The blogosphere is always advocating or selling the newest and best thing, like having gold silverware match your gold rimmed wine glasses….blah blah blah. Do most of us actually have enough forks, let alone matching ones for the 18 people coming for dinner this Thursday?

Thats where this article on rescues us!

It says the French often collect mismatched china, wine glasses and silverware and use plain white cloth napkins. They add

a linen tablecloth for that eclectic, SIMPLE French look. Voila!

Absolutely in line with my “Keep It Simple” motto this year for all of the holidays!

Here’s a Thanksgiving table using mismatched china, glassware and linen napkins.

Ebay, One Kings Lane, and Etsy are great sources.

Start collecting dessert and coffee cups too.


Simple white pumpkins wrapped in bittersweet which can be found in your yard or local woods.

Mini pumpkins and white pillar candles.

This linen table cloth from H&M looks vintage without the worry of stains. $59.95

Vintage linens and silverware can be found at flea markets and yard sales.

Don’t worry about matching.

Mixed stemware, vintage or new. Don’t worry if it matches as long as it is all clear.

If you like colored stemware then stick with one color.

Do you like My Keep It Simple Holiday Motto?


pics from Pinterest 

No Black Friday for me

I don’t know about you, but I can’t do Black Friday! It’s a crowd and chaos thing.  I don’t need to risk losing my life or a limb to get a deal on an iPhone 6 or an Alex and Ani bracelet!

It’s like a scene from the Hunger Games and they’re giving away the last drop of water! You won’t catch me near a mall!


I’m happy sitting in my comfy sweatpants, drinking coffee, shopping from my computer or better yet supporting a small, local business.  I get absurd deals online and free shipping most of the time!

Some retailers are even offering same day shipping. It’s the future, now.

This year the deals have started the week before Black Friday, I know because I’ve already started shopping.  Old Navy, Gap, J. Crew and H&M have deals ranging from 30-50% off NOW! has deals every day this week.

Others, including the above mentioned, have deals posted on their websites now so you can plan ahead. You don’t even have to wait until Cyber Monday.

Another trick I like to use online is the gift guides. Last year I did almost all of my shopping using the Nordstrom Gift Guide. It has different price points: $25-$200 and is broken down by gender, age and even home decor. It’s tremendous because it provides you with many ideas and free shipping and returns. Many of the sites do this and it saves time

scrolling through pages and pages of  stuff.


How about a handmade gift from Etsy? There are a jillion to choose from, like this 3 ring stacking ring for $36! Made by artists, found by collectors, all small businesses on the net.


Don’t forget your local businesses! Most times the parking is easy, they will wrap it for you and they are there for you year round.  Go to the hair salon for gift certificates, the coffee shop to make a gift basket, the wine shop for a lovely bottle of champagne for the hostess, the local gift shop for that unique item for your Bestie and the educational toy store for your organic nephew.


Another idea would be to not shop, not buy gifts….bah humbug you say. No, that’s not what I’m saying. How about forgoing gifts and make charitable donations. I read about the idea on  While I don’t advocate giving up on Santa (small children still need toys), this idea has some merit. I love presents as much as the next person but do you even remember what you received last year? Probably not, I know I don’t. That money spent on the gifts could go a long way for some charities. And, you can donate online through Charity Navigator.

Will you do battle at the mall or shop from the comfort of your home computer?


Polar Vortex Parisian Style

November has hit us hard in most of the country!

It’s freezing cold all of a sudden. The weather went from beautiful fall weather to frigid cold in the blink of an eye.

It has effected our fashion in a big way! No more light-weight coats and cute outfits, now it’s do or die.

Puffy jackets and many layers layers are necessary to stay warm.

One of my fashion idols, Emmanuelle Alt the French Vogue editor,has a way to make those layers look je ne sais quoi.

She belts all of her jackets.

Wow! So simple! It’s a way to take all of those oversized winter jackets and transform them into a figure-flattering shape.

The best belt is a woven, oversized, braided style so you can adjust the size wherever you need to.  You also want some extra to wrap back around for that laid-back look.

This season there are many oversized jackets to choose from, but you probably already have one or two in your closet to pull off this look.

Throw on an oversized scarf and you’ve got the Franconphile style under your belt…..

Now, here’s how you can get The Look if you don’t have The Elements in your closet.

First, the jacket…

This cute plaid peacoat from Old Navy for only $42. Buy it in a size larger then normal, wear it with a scarf and belt it.

Or this wool jacket from H&M for $59, comes in black also, would be great belted.

Next, the Belt….

Gap belt, $24.95, leather, definitely buy this much larger then normal.

Mossino for Target, comes in brown and black, leather for $16.99, again, buy it large.

How do you feel about the belted jacket look?