Niche Style Loves…Clogs and Flared-Leg Jeans

There’s no hiding my age when I say I love clogs and flared leg jeans, you know I grew up in the 1970’s.

Last spring, actually the spring before, Vogue declared the clog back in style. People like Kate Moss started wearing them so it has to be so. (wink wink) This is not the clog that nurses wear. It’s a little funkier and higher, often with a platform heel.

This fall the flared leg jean is going to be the”It” jean.  Mind you, it’s not the bell bottom of the disco era 1970’s or the boot cut of the early 2000’s. It’s high waisted so we can banish the muffin top to the millennium. Just about every brand makes these jeans now so find your perfect fit and in your budget.  They really can flatter most figures with the right fit.

I think these jeans go best with a platform high heel. The width of the flare can overwhelm some people, especially the vertically challenged, so the height is helpful.

These Paige denim high rise jeans from Nordstrom  are perfection.

Zara clog, not your traditional clog, but would be great with these jeans.

Or these beauties, from Free People!

Or this more classic looking clog by American Apparel.

Yay or nay-nay?


pics from Nordstrom, Zara. American Apparel and Pinterest.

Tulum, Mexico via South Boston

Last night I felt like I was in Tulum, Mexico yet I only drove to South Boston.

My nieces and I went to a new-to-us restaurant called Loco. It calls itself a taqueria and oyster bar and it didn’t disappoint. We shared a bunch of small bites so we could try bits of everything they offered.

Starting with their local oysters with choice of different fresh berry mignonettes and flavored shaved ices instead of the usual cocktail sauce. We had the mixed berry mignonette and mango flavored ice. This was a new experience for me. I placed a dab of the ice on the oyster and it slowly melted in my mouth with the oyster. Delish!

I had to try their ceviche so I chose the scallop one. One niece tried it and the other wanted nothing to do with it. I found it fresh and the flavors delicate so not to overpower the fish. Sometimes ceviche can be too spicy and this becomes the dominant flavor. We all agreed on the fish tacos. I’m still on a quest to have some to replicate the ones I had in California. These were pretty close. The Mexican street corn was scrumptious! The homemade guacamole, salsa and chips were good, but nothing to rave about.

I  L O V E D  the atmosphere! It was very rustic with wooden chairs and benches, reclaimed wood on the walls, small cacti in the windows, rusty lights above the tables and outdoor string lights above the bar that look like stars in the sky. The tables were covered in candles you would light in a Mexican church to make an offering. It really felt like a local beach joint in Mexico!  The place was humming and loud, but not so loud that we couldn’t hear each other. The good loud of people having fun.

Check it out!


See my pics of Loco on my Instagram site.

Pic above of Hartwood bar in Tulum Mexico from Bon Appetite.

Layering Rugs

A popular trend in decorating is layering rugs.

Layering rugs is great for many reasons, including; achieving that collected, eclectic look and sometimes most importantly, it’s a way to s t r e t c h your budget.  I find  buying rugs the hardest part of decorating because I just don’t find anything I like within my budget (you know champagne taste…).

Many interior designers say you should start with your rug and textiles when designing the room. It’s easier to pick paint and sofas to match a rug then the other way around, they say. I don’t know about you, but I can often find rugs I love until I scroll to the size I need…then wham! Price shock! The 9’x12′ rug is thousands of dollars!

Here’s where rug layering comes into the picture. You buy a sisal, seagrass or jute rug in the size you actually need (see here, here and here for reminders of the Rug Size Rules for all rooms). Then you buy that beautiful antique Kilim, oriental, or plush wool rug in a size you can afford say  a 5’x7′.

Wham! You haven’t broken The Rug Rules and you have that beautiful rug you always wanted!


There’s many other ways to layer rugs:

An irregular shaped animal hide over a natural fiber. The hide alone would be awkward.

A shag rug over a bold striped rug.

Multiple beach-y striped rugs form a larger dining room rug.

Numerous rugs in similar tones and sizes layered to form one large bedroom rug.

Gorgeous colorful Persian rug topped with a soft shag rug.

Many Kilims layered in similar colors to achieve the look of one rug in this eclectic space.

 How about layering rugs to create a colorful runner?

Finally, layering a rug over wall to wall carpeting. Why not! It carves out areas in a large room and makes it feel cozy.

Do you like the layered rug look? Will you try it?


pics from pinterest, Apartment Therapy and Amber Interiors.

Luxury Hotel Room At Home

Can you believe it’s already August 17th?

The summer is flying by, at least it is for some of us non-parents. It’s got me thinking about vacations or lack of vacation. I’m sure some of you have done the share-a-cottage vacation, but I’m talking about a real vacation. A luxury hotel, no kids, high thread count, comfy bed kind of vacation.  Yeh, well it’s not really in the cards for me either.

So I thought of a few ideas to make your bedroom into a luxury retreat.

#1 Get rid of ugly ceiling lights! There are so many great inexpensive options out there. You no longer have to look at the boring boob light any more. Look at the picture above, it’s a chandelier fit for a dining room, but can easily be hung in your bedroom.

#2 Overfilled throw pillows. You don’t need a bunch of wimpy pillows, a couple of really plump pillows equals luxury. The picture above shows one large, overfilled lumbar pillow which is perfect!

#3 Greenery or flowers add another layer to the luxury. And here’s another secret, they don’t have to be real.  I know, blasphemy! There’s some really great faux plants out there now, so if your thumb isn’t green, don’t worry about it.  There’s also quite a few drought (or forgetful) tolerant plants that will look great in the bedroom.

#4 The statement piece of furniture.  A large upholstered bed, velvet chaise lounge, mirrored chest of drawers or beautiful canopy bed. Something that will make a focal point in the room.

This beautiful upholstered headboard and canopy bed is the statement piece in this room by Elements of Style blogger/designer Erin Gates.

#5 The all important nightstands! Cluttered nightstands DO NOT give a luxurious vibe.  If you tend to have a lot of things on your nightstands then you need new ones with drawers and shelves.   This is an easy fix. There should be a table lamp, a book, something decorative and maybe a clock on your nightstand.  Everything else (mouthguard, nasal spray, iPad, TV clicker, bag of chips) should be out of sight. It’s better for your sleep preparedness anyway.

These simple white nightstands are perfect for hiding away the clutter in this gorgeous bedroom by Amber Interior Design.

#6 Finally, keeping your room clean and organized on a daily basis. This is the hardest of them all. No room feels luxurious or hotel-like with dirty clothes on the floor and bureaus covered in jewelry and makeup. Get some closet and storage solutions here. 

 Are you going to do a Staycation in your luxurious bedroom?

Were these tips helpful?


pictures from Amber Interiors, Elements of Style and Pinterest.

Bardot, Off the Shoulder

I know, it’s been a really long time since I’ve posted anything! I won’t bore you with excuses.  Onto important issues like fashion. This summer’s quintessential top has been the off-the-shoulder top and has been seen everywhere! It’s often called the Bardot top after the beautiful and sexy Brigitte Bardot.  The Bardot top comes on rompers, dresses, flowy tops, short sets, jumpers….

It is so cool, comfortable and sexy and perfect for everything you do all summer long!

Fun short Bardot dress for summer with sandals and a Panama hat.

(from Pinterest, unknown)

Free People top from Nordstrom great with jeans or shorts.

Rebecca Minkoff romper from Nordstrom

H&M Off the Shoulder Blouse

Top Shop Ruffled dress from Nordstrom

H&M Shirt Dress

Asos First & I Off the shoulder maxi dress with vibrant floral pattern.

Asos Off Shoulder Column Dress with Splits.

These tops and dresses remind me of my teens in the 1970’s! I loved these off-the-shoulder tops! They are so much more fashionable now and less sexy kitty….;)

Tell me what you think about the Bardot-style top!