10 Ways to make it feel like summer now!


I know the west coast and parts of the south are having recording breaking heat, but here on the east coast it feels nothing like summer.  It was warmer in February then it is now. When the sun is out, it’s windy and cool. UGH! Awhile back I saw an article in a magazine about ways to extend your weekend and this inspired me to come up with ways to make it feel like summer now.

  1. Start your day off with a tropical smoothie (without the rum of course).


2. Wear your favorite summer dress (or shirt if you’re a guy) for the day.  Just throw on a jacket or sweater and weather befitting footwear and it will instantly feel like summer to you!



3. Program your favorite beach music for your ride to work or out doing errands and CRANK IT UP!

4. Or curl up on the couch and watch some classic beach movies like Jaws, Blue Crush, Point Break, Blue Lagoon, Beaches, Blue Hawaii and The Endless Summer just to name a few.


5. Fragrance can conjure up memories. Nothing smells like summer like coconuts. Light some coconut scented candles or put on some body lotion. Coconut oil is so good for your hair and skin, go ahead and slather it on. You’ll get the light scent and all of the benefits.


(Bath & Body Works has many tropical scented candles to set the summer mood.)

6. Eat outside or at least cook outside if it’s too cold. There’s nothing like fresh food from the grill and your favorite summer recipes to turn on those summer feelings!


6.  Green up your house or office with some tropical plants. They not only clean the air, but are known to help fight the blues.

(Aloe Vera plant)

(Snake plant.)

(Areca plant.)

7.  Instead of Meatless Monday, how about Mojito Monday! At the end of a long Monday make yourself a garden fresh mojito and dream of somewhere warm and sunny.

Recipe here.

8.  Take a dip in a pool or indulge in a hot sauna.  Both can be found at the YMCA or local hotel.  You’ll feel both relaxed and rejuvenated just like a day at the beach.


9.  Sick of your winter hair? Wear your hair like you do in the summer.  Or spritz in some beach spray and braid it overnight. Voila, in the morning you have just-from-the-beach waves!

via pinterest.

10. Go on a tropical vacation if all these fail! Mexico’s always HOT!


Are you ready for summer? What makes you feel like summer?



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  1. Oh living in Boston I totally needed this today! Am meeting friends for lunch and plan to crack out my summer dress… with long sleeve T, scarf and sweater!!! It’s just so cold this spring. Challenging fashion weather! Loved all your ideas. Happy Spring. Love the niche blog.

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