#Before and After, Trailer With a View


Right now the tiny house movement is huge (excuse the pun). HGTV even has multiple shows about this subject. And while they’re fun to watch and possibly dream about, tiny houses aren’t feasible for most of us. I came across this article about a women named Amy Shock who decided to downsize and bought an 800 square foot, metal double wide 1964 trailer in a 55+ park in beautiful Ojai California. She’s an artist and architect so we know right away she has vision…and boy does she.  The house cost $5,200, yes only $5,200. I didn’t mess up any decimal spaces. She ended up spending $180,000 renovating and adding on to it, but it is still a bargain when you see the pictures.

Amazing! I love the mid-century modern vibe, as well as the beautiful open concept, large deck with expansive views and floor to ceiling windows.

I know I could live in a trailer like this!


All pics from www.dailymail.co.uk and www.today.com


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