If She Builds It, Will They Buy It?

Kim Gordon, builder and designer. 

I read a great article in the LA Times yesterday about builder/designer Kim Gordon and the pluses of women built houses.  She builds and sells her houses in Venice, California to millionaire bigwigs from Silicon Valley and other industries with lots of mullah.  It got me thinking about all the new and renovated houses and condos I’ve looked at in my life and thought, this has to be designed by a man because it just doesn’t function.  She designs her houses with women in mind and they’re in huge demand often going for hundreds of thousands over asking price. Gordon puts in beautiful, functional kitchens that she calls the “hearths and hubs”of the home. She builds in tons of storage and “sanctuary” bathrooms. Gordon’s staircases are works of art in themselves and there are little nooks she likes to call “moments” in the house. She floods the house with light by placing huge steel windows in all the rooms and doors that open to backyard oasis’, this is California folks.  While her style has been described as California boho, it has a European flair, with the steel-framed windows, hand troweled walls, warm wood floors, wrought iron railings, classic stone finishes and mature green gardens.

(A Kim Gordon moment, kitchen nook/lounge area under the stairs.)

Through this article about Gordon and others I read, I found there is few females in this male dominated business, but they are in greater demand. They know how to talk the construction talk and yet still listen to you about your concerns. What are the differences between male and female builders? According to Mary Dolph-Simpson a builder, in this article.  ‘”From the male (builders’) perspective, they take the plan and want to build what they see,” Simpson, 52, explained. “Being the female side, I hear what the woman needs” regarding space, storage and overall home-life design.'”

Considering women make 70-80% of the buying decisions in the family and we know that includes buying and renovating the house, there should be more women builders. Women spend more time doing the housework and childcare in the home so they know how the home should function. They are attuned to the windows and how the light streams in the house, these are quality of life issues.  Another Homebuilder Carmin Awadzi’s client (in this article about female builders) called her to get a price on cement flooring for her basement/playroom.  She stated, ‘”A male builder probably would have said, ‘Yeah, I’ll get you a price on that concrete,'” said Awadzi, chief executive of Wheaton-based Magnolia Custom Homes. But the builder, who is also mother to four children, wasn’t comfortable with the combination of tiny tykes and unforgiving concrete. After some research, she found a maker of foam tiles used by day-care centers that would provide a soft place to land.” This is an example of the female builders’ attentions to detail. Something the buyers of the new millennium are looking for and buying.

(One of Gordon’s moments under the amazing steel staircase.)

(Love this table attached to the island!)

Do you see a difference in a female built home? Do you like Kim Gordon’s style?


All pics from Kim Gordon’s website ,   LA Times, Instagram and Pinterest.



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