Non-white kitchen cabinet color ideas

White kitchen cabinets are timeless and popular. I love a beautiful, clean white kitchen. Lately I’ve been into seeing kitchens in other colors. Grays and blues are the most popular now according to the blogs, interior designers and magazines. Black is becoming popular and so is green and yellow with the pastel movement. I’m fond of both gray and blue in kitchens and the hybrid white top with a color on the bottom. The blues and grays can run green/blue, gray/blue and even green/gray which I love!! Here’s some inspiration if you’ve been thinking of changing your kitchen cabinets’ color.  The options are limitless…


(via HGTV magazine pinterest)

Which color do you like? Would you use any of these ideas?


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DIY cafe curtains

Anyone who knows me well knows I am NOT a DIY’er. So this is probably going to be a first and last post of this kind.  I came across the picture to the bottom right a few years ago 
and it inspired me to make these curtains.  
I bought the tension rods, spray painted them to match the clips 
and found some colorful, cotton dish towels at Crate & Barrel…that’s it!
I had custom, no-sew, cafe curtains for my kitchen. 
I used dish towels but you can use fabric and sew simple hems around the 
edges. There are also curtain rods that mount to the outside of the window.  

try it! great for kitchens, bathrooms, mud rooms…anywhere 
you need a lil curtain! 
all pics from pinterest

to kilim or not to kilim…

Amber Interiors Design
One of the many elements of the laid-back California esthetic is vibrant global prints. In the kitchen you can bring in a colorful, patterned Kilim
 (key-leem), oriental or persian rug. They can be found vintage, antique or new. I like them a bit worn and frayed.  
There are tons of colors and sizes to choose from and they pair well 
with mid-century modern furniture.  
They add a layer of vibrant color, texture and warmth to any kitchen.
Hannotte Interiors

Happy 30th! Post that is!

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