10 Ways to make it feel like summer now!


I know the west coast and parts of the south are having recording breaking heat, but here on the east coast it feels nothing like summer.  It was warmer in February then it is now. When the sun is out, it’s windy and cool. UGH! Awhile back I saw an article in a magazine about ways to extend your weekend and this inspired me to come up with ways to make it feel like summer now.

  1. Start your day off with a tropical smoothie (without the rum of course).


2. Wear your favorite summer dress (or shirt if you’re a guy) for the day.  Just throw on a jacket or sweater and weather befitting footwear and it will instantly feel like summer to you!



3. Program your favorite beach music for your ride to work or out doing errands and CRANK IT UP!

4. Or curl up on the couch and watch some classic beach movies like Jaws, Blue Crush, Point Break, Blue Lagoon, Beaches, Blue Hawaii and The Endless Summer just to name a few.


5. Fragrance can conjure up memories. Nothing smells like summer like coconuts. Light some coconut scented candles or put on some body lotion. Coconut oil is so good for your hair and skin, go ahead and slather it on. You’ll get the light scent and all of the benefits.


(Bath & Body Works has many tropical scented candles to set the summer mood.)

6. Eat outside or at least cook outside if it’s too cold. There’s nothing like fresh food from the grill and your favorite summer recipes to turn on those summer feelings!


6.  Green up your house or office with some tropical plants. They not only clean the air, but are known to help fight the blues.

(Aloe Vera plant)

(Snake plant.)

(Areca plant.)

7.  Instead of Meatless Monday, how about Mojito Monday! At the end of a long Monday make yourself a garden fresh mojito and dream of somewhere warm and sunny.

Recipe here.

8.  Take a dip in a pool or indulge in a hot sauna.  Both can be found at the YMCA or local hotel.  You’ll feel both relaxed and rejuvenated just like a day at the beach.


9.  Sick of your winter hair? Wear your hair like you do in the summer.  Or spritz in some beach spray and braid it overnight. Voila, in the morning you have just-from-the-beach waves!

via pinterest.

10. Go on a tropical vacation if all these fail! Mexico’s always HOT!


Are you ready for summer? What makes you feel like summer?


Where I want to be…The Beach Lodge

Lately a ton of my inspiration has come from Instagram including where I want to be right now, The Beach Lodge at Hollywood Beach. I found the The Beach Lodge on Instagram (@thebeachlodge) and then realized it’s for rent too.   I love the relaxed boho meets mid century, California beach vibe the house has. It’s steps from the beach with ocean views from the upper deck.  The open floor plan is on the second level so the views are always the main focus. The house is styled with nautical touches without ever going overboard into kitschy. The house was built in the 1970’s and the current owners completely overhauled it to it’s current beautiful teal self. You can read more about it’s makeover here.

The deck on the front of the house has ocean views.

Two bedrooms are on the first floor.

The main floor is open with beautiful beams and decorated with a mix of mid-century modern furniture and beach friendly pieces. Bright colored rugs, decor and pillows pop against the white background.

Fun patio areas for afternoons outside.

This is where I want to be after a day at the beach!

Where do you want to be right now?

Check in to the blog next week, I’m going to show you how to shop the Look of the Beach Lodge at Target!


all pictures were taken from @thebeachlodge Instagram and Airbnb via Pinterest.

Cinco de Mayo with Gracias Madre and Chairish

This Thursday my family is getting together to celebrate multiple belated birthdays and I thought it would be fun to have a Mexican fiesta instead of the usual pizza and cake. I got some of my inspiration from a trip to LA and perusing Chairish recently.

As you may know by now I love beautiful design, well I also love great food.  When I visited LA I had a long list of restaurants to visit not just for the food, but for the design as well. One of those restaurants was Gracias Madre, one for the beautiful design and two for the Mexican food.  The only reservation we could get was 5:30 which turned out to be a blessing because they have Happy Hour. There is no happy hour were I live on the East Coast.  They encourage you to order the $5 drinks and appetizers. We ordered one of everything and were amazed with it all especially their La Purista Margarita. The restaurant is vegan and everything is organic and fresh including the ingredients in the margarita. I’ve never had such a delicious drink!

I recently searched the web for the recipe to make this margarita for Cinco de Mayo and couldn’t believe when I found it on thechalkboardmag.com.  Everything is organic and fresh!

This week Chairish is featuring all sorts of vintage, brightly colored items for Cinco de Mayo.  I love their curated sales for the inspiration. Here are some of my faves.

What are you doing on Cinco de Mayo? Where do you find inspiration?

After the party I’ll post some pics on Instagram.


pics from

 1. Amber Interiors Design 2. Decor8 3. lipstickandbrunch.com 4. thechalkboardmag.com 5-10 chairish.com

Prairie Home Styling…not your little house on the prairie

I came across Prairie Home Styling of Orange County California on Instagram first, then in Rue magazine online. I fell in love with their gorgeous Instagram pictures.  I didn’t realize it was a home staging business until I read the Rue article.   Their design aesthetic is akin to mine in that it is eclectic, laid back, vintage and modern at the same time and casual with a boho, California flair.

Shannon Wilkins started out in the fashion business in LA and then moved to Orange County. She and her husband began to buy, upgrade and sell homes and started to amass furniture, the Rue article says. This accumulation of furniture led to her current business of staging and designing homes.  Can anyone say, “dream job”!  Along with staging homes to sell, Wilkins works with builders on model home design, renovations for homeowners and interior design.

Heaven on earth!

Wilkins says, “My philosophy is: I try to make every house unique and I don’t want to put the same look that was just in another property.”  Wilkins uses mid-century modern, global, contemporary, eclectic, vintage, antiques and rustic elements to achieve her signature style. The walls may be white, but there is an abundance of color, texture and style to distract your eyes from this. This is not your cookie-cutter, builder grade model home styling.  Look at the following pictures to see her eclectic style.

Prairie Home Styling’s office…so stylish!!

Does this give you ideas for staging or styling your house?


All pictures were taken from the Prairie Home Instagram and Pinterest page.

#Before And After

Everyone loves a before and after. I’m particularly fond of the real estate ones.

Here’s one I found a while ago in Country Living.

It’s now a gorgeous Spanish Revival house that was once so disgusting you may look away from the computer screen when you see the pictures. This style house  is seen predominantly in California and one that I love! It’s second only to the midcentury modern homes I dream about. The contractor did an incredible job of remodeling and keeping with the integrity of the style of the house. It really is a Cinderella story.

The color of the cabinets and the black and white tile black splash are beautiful.


The black window frames are beautiful and really pop off of the white walls. The house is styled to sell with streamlined midcentury modern furniture which works well in this style home.

No words.

In California, indoor/outdoor living even in the bedroom.

I love how the bathrooms are modern and updated, but could be from the 1940’s. Gorgeous tiles!

And finally, what every California house needs, an amazing tiled patio.

Do you like Before and After’s? Do you like this Before and After?


all pics from Country Living.