Non-white kitchen cabinet color ideas

White kitchen cabinets are timeless and popular. I love a beautiful, clean white kitchen. Lately I’ve been into seeing kitchens in other colors. Grays and blues are the most popular now according to the blogs, interior designers and magazines. Black is becoming popular and so is green and yellow with the pastel movement. I’m fond of both gray and blue in kitchens and the hybrid white top with a color on the bottom. The blues and grays can run green/blue, gray/blue and even green/gray which I love!! Here’s some inspiration if you’ve been thinking of changing your kitchen cabinets’ color.  The options are limitless…


(via HGTV magazine pinterest)

Which color do you like? Would you use any of these ideas?


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Tired Kitchen

Are you sick and tired of your tired kitchen, but don’t have the moolah to renovate? Or you live in a rental and the landlord won’t allow it?

The above kitchen is NOT a tired kitchen. This is Emily Henderson’s own kitchen she refreshed without a renovation and she knows how to do a kitchen on a budget.

Here’s some pretty simple things you can do to improve the look and function of your kitchen without breaking the bank.

First, Ikea has this great Groland Island for only $199. It can be combined with stools for a breakfast bar, used for storage, or placed in the middle of the kitchen as an island for extra counter space while cooking. You can leave the wood natural or paint it any color you like. If you’re in a rental, it’s not permanent so it goes with you to your next place.

The next idea is a bit controversial, not like Rita Ora’s see-thru-dress controversial, but controversial none the less. The idea is to skirt your lower cabinets. I was a bit hesitant when I first read about this idea until I saw the results. This can be used for those broken lower cabinets that look and function terribly. You know those doors that no longer stay shut no matter how many times you kick them. All it takes is some simple fabric or curtains and rods secured to the cabinets. Voila, clutter be gone.

Can’t stand your floors? Cover ugly floors with rugs. Don’t limit yourself to a typical kitchen rug, think outside the box.

Paint cabinets if you can. White is the safe go- to-color, but if you’re going to renovate down the line go a little crazy with color. Blues, grays, blacks, and greens are very “In” now. This kitchen below is a DIY by designer/blogger Lauren Liess, the sage green is beautiful. The first picture is by Emily Henderson and is Hague Blue by Benjamin Moore.

Change out ugly hardware. This one is easy even in a rental. Home Depot, Lowes and even has inexpensive hardware. Just make sure  it is the same size, you don’t want to be drilling and filling holes.  Brass is the new black right now.  While you’re at it, get a new faucet. That builder grade faucet is ugly!

Does your faucet look like this?

This beauty is from for $45.99!

Lighting! Why not add or improve your lighting situation. Not enough lighting? Add inexpensive under-counter lights and avoid cutting off those digits. Ugly overhead lights, change them out! With so many cheap options now this is easy. If you’re handy then DIY it, if not pay someone to do it. Even in a rental you can do it and change it back later. Ikea has the best cheap lights.

Countertops are tough. They can be really ugly, dirty, worn out, and expensive to replace. The easy fix is to cover them up. Large cutting boards are both functional and beautiful, and will easily hide the worn out counters.

Ikea has these gorgeous Aptitlig butcher block cutting boards for $14.99. Leave it on your counter for looks and function.

Claustraphobic?? No money for knocking down walls? Take the doors off some of your cabinets. Showcase your pretty glasses and china. This will instantly make the room feel bigger.

Here’s an example of paint, new hardware and removing the cabinet doors from  It wasn’t awful before, but now it’s bright and airy.

So stop your whining and start wining and dining in your new and improved kitchen!

Can you use any of these ideas to improve your kitchen?


Pictures from Ikea,,,,,,

Kitchen Loving 2.0

Humm, my last Kitchen Loving post had natural wood beams too!  Maybe a trend?

This kitchen is simple but more formal then the last kitchen with it’s minimal styling, brass hardware and natural wood beams overhead.

I love the pale blue-gray painted cabinets, soapstone counter tops, pearlized subway tile backsplash, wide plank wood floors and the brass orb pendants overhead.

It’s perfect for a family and for entertaining!

The house is a former community church in Mill Valley, CA by HSH Interiors as seen on Home Adore.

Kitchen loving or hating?


pics from Home Adore.